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Promotional Strategies

  • Develop concepts to promote product
  • Prepare visual aids
  • Conceptual Leave Behinds, Danglers, Brochures
  • Product Information Booklets for Vets/DF
  • Placards, captions and slogans
  • Dairy farm promotional material
Events :
  • Sales meetings Agenda and deliberations, Annual meetings Proceeds and matter
  • Product Launch - Technical backgrounder, marketing, Inputs and organize the launch with full introduction.
  • Technical Seminar - Specific topic, Product briefing to group of Customers (Professional or Paravet and Dairy farmers).
  • Distributing segments - Retailers, wholesalers, feed manufacturers meet
Incentive :
  • Field staff - Innovative fixing for field staff and manager, Qtrly., Monthly, Yearly
  • Wholesalers - On Total Sale, Product Sale, on Term basis or annual
  • Retailers - Campaigns to buy push more
  • Practitioners - Periodical purchase packages
  • Dairy farmers - Direct Buyers, Value added benefits